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The Library is a space for students to enjoy reading by selecting books from a wide range of genres and ability levels. We have access to 15 chrome books, audio books, and interactive reading apps available for students to engage with in our literacy programs. Pupils have a dedicated library period each week during their English lessons to enjoy reading for pleasure in our school library.  Pupils are encouraged to choose from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction material suitable to their needs and interests.

Two pupils for each English class are nominated as class librarians to oversee the weekly exchange of books.  In addition, library prefects also assist in the day to day running of the school library.


  1. To assist in equipping pupils with reading skills necessary for lifelong learning.

  2. To raise standards of literacy by promoting paired reading.

  3. To use the library and its resources, making effective use of organisational devices to locate, select, evaluate and communicate information relevant to a particular task.

  4. To acquire the skills necessary to select appropriate texts and locate information efficiently.

  5. To encourage pupils to enjoy reading and to provide opportunities for them to extend the range of their reading experiences.

  6. To encourage pupils to value their own preferences in books, while being offered a wider range of material.

  7. To read different types of material from within and beyond school to develop their own preferences as well as extend their reading experience.

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