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In Clounagh Junior High School we have a primary responsibility to safeguard the welfare of the pupils in our care.  We carry out this duty through our Pastoral Care Policy which endeavours to provide a caring and secure environment for all our pupils recognising their value as individuals and developing their talents and abilities to help realise their full potential. We seek to protect our pupils by helping them to learn about the risks of possible abuse and by developing the confidence and skills they need to keep themselves safe.


Our ‘Safeguarding Policy’ provides all members of staff both teaching and non-teaching with clear guidance regarding what should be done in situations where abuse or neglect of a young person is suspected. The flow chart illustrates how a parent or carer may make known to the school any concerns they may have about their child’s safety. A copy of the school’s ‘Safeguarding Policy’ is available upon request.


Anti - Bullying



In Clounagh we promote an environment where independence is valued and individuals can flourish without fear.  We acknowledge that every pupil has the right to be safe and happy in school, and to be protected when he or she is feeling vulnerable. It is important that we create an atmosphere in the school where pupils who are being bullied, or others who know about it, feel that they will be listened to and that action taken will be swift but sensitive to their concerns. Pupils who feel uncomfortable or threatened are encouraged to speak to any member of staff as soon as possible. Parents should also raise a concern by contacting the school immediately! A copy of the school’s ‘Anti-Bullying Policy’ is available upon request. Assistance may also be given by contacting the agencies below.


Childline Phone:       0800 1111

N.S.P.C.C. Phone:     0808 800 5000

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