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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs – Mainstream

We, in Clounagh, believe that children with Special Educational Needs should have access to a quality of education which caters for their individual needs.


In the mainstream at Clounagh, those who have learning difficulties are placed in a class which has a reduced number of pupils when appropriate where they may remain throughout their 3 years (the curriculum is suitably differentiated to meet individual needs) or they may move into another band depending upon progress. Pupils in these classes have access to External Support Programmes depending on pupil need.

Baseline Assessment tests in Literacy, Numeracy e.g. Reading, Spelling and Mental Arithmetic are given to Year 8 pupils during their first month and help identify those pupils who have difficulties in particular areas. The results facilitate planning for differentiated teaching and remediation. A further series of Standardised Tests are given to pupils during Term 2 in Year 9. These tests advise staff of pupil progress and of the possible need to provide additional help for pupils with continuing difficulties.

Close liaison with parents ensures that pupils are given the most suitable provision for their individual needs. In line with the Code of Practice the school operates a 3 Stage Plan with regard to those children who are experiencing learning and/or behavioural difficulties. We encourage and value parental input as part of the Individual Education Plan process. Pupils with physical disabilities have access to all curriculum areas. Entrances and exits are ramped and there is an 8 person key operated lift. The school has a fully equipped accessible toilet and the P.E. departments also include accessible toileting and changing facilities. Classroom Assistance is determined by the Education Authority. A copy of the school’s Special Educational Needs Policy is available upon request.

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