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Religious Education

Staff within the Religious Education department make use of a wide range of materials and teaching strategies to present the curriculum in an engaging way.


• As a department we desire to equip pupils for life by developing their knowledge, deepening their understanding and enabling them to evaluate their learning
• We aim to have positive relationships with pupils so that pupils are cared for academically and pastorally
• It is our desire that through R.E. pupils will grow academically, spiritually and morally

At Key Stage 3 we aim to introduce pupils to biblical studies, church history and world religions. Foundations are laid so that pupils are able to progress to GCSE at Key Stage 4.

Year 8

Introducing the Bible, Life of William Carey, World Religions - Hinduism, Miracles of Jesus 

Year 9

The life of Moses, Parables of Jesus, Life of St. Patrick, The Early Church, Environment and Stewardship  

Year 10

Joseph – Family Relationships, World Religions – Judaism, The Easter story, Wealth and Poverty

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