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Music in Clounagh is very practically based. We are fortunate to have a purpose built suite of rooms which really lend themselves to this approach. During their time at Clounagh pupils will have an opportunity to perform in class and group ensembles using the keyboards, drumkits, djembe drums and Brazilian Samba Drums. Pupils will also have the opportunity to create their own music using software called Garageband.  Alongside other activities such as bell ringing and learning about music from around the world pupils are always actively engaged working on the three core strands of the subject, Listening, Performing and composing. There are also a lot of after school activities within the dept which encourage pupils to develop their skills even further. Pupils also have great opportunities to perform in front of the public in events such as the school play, carol service, concert and prize night.


Tuesday after school

School Orchestra

Guitar Ensemble

Wednesday after school    

School Choir

Variety of Afternoons   

Preparation for school play

Music Tuition

The Dept is also fortunate to have a wide range of music tuition available in school.

E.A Tutors   





Lower Strings

Private Tutors  




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