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Mathematics and Numeracy are compulsory Areas of Learning at Key Stage 3. These give pupils a wider understanding of how the world around them works and prepares them for making decisions, solving problems, and processing everyday information.  In Mathematics our aim is to instil students with the confidence to use the language of Mathematics to communicate complex ideas clearly and logically.

Throughout their time in Clounagh Junior High School, all pupils have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding in the following areas:


  • Number

  • Algebra

  • Shape, Space and Measures

  • Handling Data


Our purpose is to provide pupils with the mathematical skills necessary for modern life. Through engagement with current issues that are within the sphere of experience of our young people, teachers can help pupils to relate Mathematics and Financial Capability to real life and to work.

Mathematics Curriculum at Clounagh Junior High School

Year 8

1) Number (mental and written methods)

2) Types of Numbers, Order of Operations and Rounding

3) Coordinates, Directed Numbers and Function Machines

4) Fractions

5) Decimals

6) Percentages

7) Algebra

8) Angles and Properties of Polygons

9)Metric Measures

10) Perimeter, Area and Volume

11) Symmetry

12) Charts, Tables and Diagrams

Year 9

1) Scales and Graphs

2) Conversion and Travel Graphs

3) Fractions

4) Decimals

5) Percentages

6) Probability

7) Algebra

8) Angles in Polygons and Bearings

9) Averages and Tables

10) Data

11) Metric Measures and Ratio

12) Perimeter, Area and Circles

13) Volume and Surface Area

Year 10

1) Rounding, Powers and Indices

2) Fraction and Decimals

3) Percentages

4) Algebra

5) Pythagoras and Trigonometry

6) Coordinates

7) Perimeter, Area and Volume

8) Linear Graphs

9) Transformations

10) Data

11) Angles, Properties of Polygons, Bearings and Construction

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