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Home Economics

Home Economics at Key Stage 3 is part of Learning for Life and Work. Throughout their time at Clounagh, pupils have opportunities to learn about three key concepts:


  • Healthy eating

  • Home and family life and 

  • Independent living.

Healthy Eating

Provides opportunities to develop understanding required I choice, planning storage, preparation, cooking and serving food

Home & Family Life

Provides opportunities to understand the importance of the family as a caring unit.

Independant Living

Provides opportunities to understand the importance of becoming discerning consumers and effective managers of resources.

Each year is divided into a series of units which are designed to be enjoyable, challenging, engaging and relevant for our young people.


A wide range of practical cookery is built into each unit of work so that pupils can develop a range of important skills such as thinking for themselves, cooking skills, working with others and using equipment. Practical cookery is enjoyed greatly by all pupils and is a wonderful opportunity for them to develop healthy attitudes to food whilst learning some life-long skills. 

At Clounagh we study the following topics in Year 8, 9 & 10:

Year 8

Welcome to Home Economics

Exploring Home Economics

Food Labels

Healthy Lunchboxes

Cooking Food


My Family

Year 9

Food Safety & Hygiene

All About You

Home Alone

How Are You Paying?


5 A Day 

Year 10

Food & Faith

Food Poisoning

Healthy Eating Guidelines

Eat Less Fat & Sugar

Dietary Needs of Individuals 

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