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The study of history provides young people with the opportunity to investigate a range of key historical questions in order to better understand the world around them. These questions lead pupils on a journey from Norman times through to present day, focusing on major global events such as the World Wars of the twentieth century, the 9/11 terror attacks and the Cold War, alongside the local events which have shaped the country in which they live. It is our intention to prepare our young students for life beyond the walls of our history classroom in order to provide the foundation needed to succeed in the next stage of their educational journey, and adult life.

Year 8

Working with Evidence - Key historical skills

The Normans [including the Norman invasions of England & Ireland, and Castles].

The Black Death

The Changing World [including the Voyages of Discovery, the Reformation & the Plantation of Ulster]

Year 9

Working with Evidence - Key historical skills & evidence investigation

Cromwell & the Glorious Revolution

The Great Irish Famine

Nationalism & Unionism

The Great War

Year 10

Working with Evidence - The Assassination of JFK [Remote Learning Research task]

Global Terrorism

Northern Ireland & the Troubles

Hitler & the Holocaust

The Cold War

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