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In English, we cover a range of themes, genres and topics which aim to develop pupils’ skills in Reading, Writing and Talking and Listening. Our aim is to begin preparation for GCSE Language and Literature from the beginning of Year 8 to ensure that our pupils have adequate time to learn and practise new skills and techniques.

Across the three years we develop reading skills such as critical reading, annotation and inference We also learn to write persuasively, for a particular audience and purpose and use ‘show, not tell’ and other creative techniques to enhance writing skills. Finally we aim to improve communication through drama, group and oral presentation opportunities.

Within the three year groups we cover the following topics:

Year 8


Creating Characters

English Detectives

Zoos, Prison or Paradise?


Class Novel

Myths and Legends

Year 9

Science Fiction


Fear Factory

Class Novel

Theme Park

Merchant of Venice

Year 10

Difference and Diversity

Multi Modal

War Poetry


Class Novel


Reading Response

Speak Out

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