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Art & Design

The Art and Design Department gives all pupils the opportunity to use a wide range of media. Pupils enjoy learning new skills and techniques as they creatively explore various topics within our areas of learning.


The building and refurbishment of our extremely well resourced Art Suite was completed in 2015. The G. Hampton Art & Design Suite consists of 2 spacious classrooms complete with full ceramic production facilities and a Digital Studio equipped with iPads, P.C.s and Design Software. We also have a spacious entrance hallway which has lots of display space for the exhibition of our pupils work.


Art and Design Curriculum Overview

Year 8

(1hr 30min per week)

Project 1 : An introduction to The Formal Elements of Art and Design.

Line, Tone, Colour, Shape, Pattern, Form and Texture using a variety of different media.

Project 2 : Gargoyles & Mythical Creatures

Drawing, 3D construction, digital media, ceramics and textiles

Year 9

(1hr per week)

Project 1 : Still Life through the movements.

Fauvism using paint, Cubism using oil pastels/cardboard construction, Pop Art using photography and digital manipulation with Photoshop.

Project 2 : Collage, printmaking processes and Stop Motion Animation.

Year 10

(1 hr per week)

Project 1 : Cultural Masks.

Drawing, painting, 3D construction and ceramics.

Project 2 : I, Me, Mine

Portraits - Drawing, Photography, mixed Media and large scale painting.

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