9 Dec 2014 Visit from Lough Neagh Discovery Centre members

Staff from the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre visited school on Monday 8 December to talk to the Eco Club. Pupils learned about winter birds, what to feed them, and how to make bird feeders.

9 Dec 2014 Friendly Faces for 2014/15

At the beginning of each school year, pupils are selected from among the prefects for the role of "friendly faces," providing assistance to the new Year 8 pupils.

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5 Dec 2014 Van de Graaff generator

Pupils in the Science department experimenting with static electricity using the Van de Graaff generator.

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1 Dec 2014 The Gift Tree

The RE department and the Art Club have collaborated to produce “The Gift Tree” which is now on display at St. Columba’s Parish Church on the Loughgall Road. It is a very meaningful expression of the Christmas Message. It is one of sixty trees on display and is part of the Glory to the Newborn King Christmas Tree Festival (28 November to 2 December).

20 Nov 2014 Anti-bullying posters
During September, the Year 8, 9 and 10 students who attend Art club weekly after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays created posters for the Northern Ireland Anti Bullying Week Art Competition. All of the students worked very hard to create a range of creative posters promoting the competition theme, “together we can make a difference – end bullying now!” Congratulations to all students who produced a poster; these were entered in the national competition and are now proudly displayed in the new Art suite.

14 Nov 2014 Visit from The Tharps praise group

The Tharp Family Christian praise group from Atlanta, Georgia returned to Clounagh to host the morning assembly on Tuesday. The family was last with us in 2013. Pupils were treated to some Christian music, Southern style. They tour throughout the year, travelling by land and air, to many schools over here and in North America.

7 Nov 2014 Bronze for Clounagh pupils in World Kickboxing Champtionships

Two Clounagh pupils participated in the World Kickboxing Championships, in Dublin on 7 October. The pupil on the left came 3rd place in the 13-15 age bracket. The pupil on the right came 3rd place in the under 12 bracket.

23 Oct 2014 Jeans for Genes update

21 Oct 2014 Shoeboxes for Project Romania

Robert Vennard, representing Project Romania collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts from Clounagh pupils. This is the second year the school has collected for this organisation and Robert hopes to take the shoeboxes out to an orphanage in Romania for Christmas.

9 Oct 2014 Jetset certificates

Mr. Canning presented a number of pupils with certificates achieved for success in Jetset English examinations. Many of the pupils have arrived in this country within the past three years, and all the students received either a merit or distinction in the exams. Also pictured are ESL Teachers Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Moore.

1 Oct 2014 Jeans for Genes Day

Clounagh pupils and staff raised an impressive £604 by participating in Jeans for Genes Day. All contributors wore jeans to school on that day. The money raised went to the Genetic Disorders UK charity, to help families who have to cope with genetic defects, which cause much trauma and hardship.

1 Oct 2014 European Day of Languages

Friday the 26 September was European Day of Languages. This is an annual event which celebrates our rich and diverse culture. The event aims to show people across Europe how important languages are and what fun can be had from learning them. Clounagh celebrated the day with a special break for Year 10 pupils. They enjoyed a selection of French, Spanish and German foods. The canteen provided some dishes from other countries at lunch time, and staff and pupils were encouraged to use as much foreign language as possible throughout the day.

9 Sept 2014 New prefects

Congratulations to the Year 10 pupils selected as Head Boy and Head Girl (top photo, seated); Deputy Head Boys and Deputy Head Girls (top photo, standing); and prefects (centre & bottom), for the forthcoming school year.

9 Sept 2014 New Year 8 pupils

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A warm welcome to all our new Year 8 pupils, who started Clounagh in September 2014.

5 Aug 2014 Best wishes to our Year 10 leavers

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5 Aug 2014 New school records

Congratulations to the two pupils who beat school athletics records this year. Left: year 8 boys high jump, 1.51m. Right: year 10 boys high jump, 1.80m

5 Aug 2014 Prizewinners

Congratulations to this year's prizewinners. The photos above show the class, sports & academic prizewinners, respectively. The school choir, along with other talented performers, provided the evening's entertainment at the annual Prize Night.

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5 Aug 2014 Charity concert

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5 Aug 2014 Sports Day

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5 Aug 2014 STEM science lab

Some Year 10 pupils were invtied to take part in a mobile science workshop organised by the Royal Navy's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) team. Pupils experimented with real forensic science, with the goal of narrowing down a list of five suspects in a mock murder.

5 Aug 2014 Jetset certificates

Mr. Canning presented a number of newcomer pupils with certificates achieved for success in Jetset English examinations. Many of the pupils have arrived in this country within the past three years, and all the students received either a merit or distinction in the exams. Also pictured are ESL Teachers Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Moore.

5 Aug 2014 UK Junior Mathematical Challenge

5 Aug 2014 Visit to Streamvale Open Farm

Section G visited Streamvale Open Farm on Thursday 26 June. The pupils were able to cuddle duck and chicken chicks, rabbits, puppies, and bottle-feed a lamb, as well as seeing a wide range of other animals.

18 June 2014 Fields of Life

A group of Year 10 girls held a bun sale and a raffle within the school this year. They also participated in the Belfast City Fun Run. Over £1,300 was raised and the money went to the Fields of Life charity.

21 May 2014 Clounagh wins at District Athletics

Clounagh Year 9 pupils participated in the District athletics team event held at Royal School Armagh. Clounagh's boys won the District Event and the girls finished 2nd. Both teams have qualified for the Ulster Final on 2nd June, to be held at the Antrim Forum.

21 May 2014 Clounagh wins Mid-Ulster Cup

Clounagh's under 14 football team recently lost the Northern Ireland Cup Final, after extra time and penalties. Having secured the Mid-Ulster Cup, these players finished their time at Clounagh having only lost one competitive game in regulation time. They were the Northern Ireland under 12 champions two years ago.

15 May 2014 Geograpahy fieldwork at Lough Neagh

Classes EB and FW carried out Geograpahy fieldwork at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre. All had an enjoyable learning experience.

29 Apr 2014 Clounagh wins Mid-Ulster Vista Netball Cup

The junior netball team defeated Tandragee Junior High School 14-8 in the Mid-Ulster Vista Netball Cup final.

3 Apr 2014 Me and My Girl - tickets on sale now

Gearing up for a good old Cockney knees-up are the leads from this year's Clounagh Junior High School production of Me and My Girl. This hilarious musical is set in London's East End and features classics such as "The Lambeth Walk," "Leaning on a Lamp-post," and of course "Me and My Girl." The show runs from Wednesday to Friday, 9th to 11th April. Tickets are available now from the school.

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19 Mar 2014 Joanna Millan, Holocaust survivor

On 13 March, classes EB and ER were taken to Brownlow Hub to listen to a talk by Mrs. Joanna Millan. Mrs. Millan is a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust during the Second World War. She gave a most interesting, informative, and at times harrowing, description of the fate of her family during this period. Mrs. Millan was rescued by the Russian army from German imprisonment in 1945 and was then taken to London where, as a three-year-old orphan, she was adopted by an English couple. This talk can only be described as a considerable privilege for those who were lucky enough to be present and was a stark warning of the dangers of historical and modern racism.

6 Mar 2014 Eco Club promoting Fair Trade

To increase knowledge of Fair Trade in the community, the Eco Cub set up a stall in the local P&G/EuroSpar store to give out leaflets on Fair Trade and to display Fair Trade products which are on sale in the shop. Our thanks must go to the owner of P&G/EuroSpar who facilitated our visit.

6 Mar 2014 Ski trip to Italy

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27 Feb 2014 Eco Club Fair Trade tuck shop

The Eco Club sold Fair Trade chocolate, biscuits and bananas at breaktime and raised a fantastic total of £105.68. This money will be given to Oxfam, a charity which aims to promote Fair Trade across the globe.

25 Feb 2014 Home Economics "Tasty Careers" compaign

At Clounagh Junior High School, pupils begin to understand the availability and nature of work in the local market. As labour market trends are explored, they are made aware of skills and qualities required and the educational pathways available. The Home Economics Department have promoted the "Tasty Careers" campaign, designed to educate young people about the wide variety of excellent careers opportunities available within the food and drink manufacturing sector. 6,000 additional skilled workers are to be recruited in jobs by 2017. Employing over 19,000 full-time employees, the food and drink sector is the biggest single manufacturing industry in Northern Ireland. Each school got to take one of the three murals made during the project back to display in their school.

11 Feb 2014 Schools collaborate on art project

Before Christmas, the Learning support Centre from Clounagh and Tandragee Junior High School decided to get together with Ceara Special School to take part in a collaborative art project entitled, “Sharing, Learning, Together”. The Art Department from Clounagh JHS, under the direction of Mrs. G. Crossey, led the art activities for the project. The overall aim of the project was learning through teamwork and friendship, sharing ideas and skills together. It was a great success, many new skills were developed and friendships made over the course of the months of November and December 2013. The new skills included print-making, felting, drawing and painting, in the style of Abstract Artists. It was lots of fun and each school got to take one of the three murals made during the project back to display in their school.

6 Feb 2014 Hello from Italy!

A quick message from one of the teachers, presently in Italy on the school's annual ski trip: "Snowed all day yesterday as you can see in the photos. Visibility was poor at the top of the mountain but certainly didn't annoy the pupils. They have all been very good and more importantly all still in one piece! Long may it last!"

31 Jan 2014

Bun sale for Cancer Research

Class AY held a break-time bun sale, raising a total of £204.04 for Cancer Research.

31 Jan 2014 Royal Air Force band

Clounagh pupils were treated to a concert by the Royal Air Force band, who performed orchestral versions of many popular tunes. Some pupils were invited to take part.

20 Jan 2014 Clounagh pupil wins poster competition

Pictured are the winner (top centre) and two runners up who took part in a poster competition to raise awareness for Electrical and Fire Safety within the home. Mrs. McGinn and the pupils went to a prize ceremony on Tuesday 4th January at Bannvale house, Gilford. Mr. Humphries, Chair of Craigavon and Banbridge Home Accident Prevention Group, presented the winner (bottom) with a calendar which included her illustration and £50, this is a great achievement, well done to the winning pupil and to all the Year 8s who took part. Thanks also to The Accident Prevention Group for making us so welcome, for the lovely lunch and for the supply of calendars to distribute at school.

18 Dec 2013 Pupils raise funds for Alzheimers Society

This Christmas, pupils raised over £300 the Alzheimers Society by purchasing and wearing Santa hats.

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18 Dec 2013 Christmas carol service

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18 Dec 2013 Secret Santa

Pupils giving gifts to each other as Secret Santa.

13 Dec 2013 Eco Club garden project

This term the Eco Club have been involved in creating an environment garden project in a disused area of school. Mr. Farr kindly made us two huge raised beds to plant and we have filled one of these with some butterfly- and bee-friendly shrubs. We added some colour with a few seasonal plants in hanging baskets and look forward to seeing our bulbs growing in spring in various areas around the school. We plan to fill the other raised bed with some fruit and vegetables to enable pupils to learn to grow their own food for the future.

Thanks must go to Mr. Hutchinson of Woodview Garden Centre, Armagh, who generously supplied us with gloves and tools to help get our venture started. We really appreciated his support.

13 Dec 2013 Eco Club trip to IKEA

On the 11th December, 30 members of the Eco Club set off to IKEA. Nigel McGarry, the Education Officer, gave us a guided tour of the building and we learned how such a huge international business can minimise its environmental impact and even make money from waste! He covered issues such as recycling of packaging, batteries, light bulbs, damaged goods and metals, minimising food waste and composting restaurant leftovers, harvesting rainwater to use to flush toilets, generating renewable energies from wind, solar and tidal power, reusing the famous yellow bags (which are made from biodegradable corn), multiuse inventions - to name a few. He was very impressed with the knowledge our pupils had and answered some very interesting questions from the Eco Club. We finished our tour with everyone receiving a free lunch in the IKEA restaurant, which was most appreciated by pupils and staff. All pupils were a credit to the school, demonstrating good manners and outstanding behaviour throughout the day.

13 Dec 2013 Christmas tug of war

Congratulations to JB, this year's winners of the school's annual Christmas tug of war contest.

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