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11 Dec 2018 Chess Club

Clounagh's new Chess Club is off the ground. We meet every Monday afternoon, from 2.45 to 4.00pm, in room 11. All pupils welcome, whether you are an experienced player or just curious about this ancient and timeless game.

05 Nov 2018 Texthelp read&write parents evening

17 Oct 2018 Jeans for Genes

On Friday 20th September Clounagh staff and students participated in National Jeans for Genes day. A massive total of £589 was raised to help fund genetic research. Many thanks to everyone who contributed and participated in this event.

17 Oct 2018 Shoeboxes for Project Romania

The charity Project Romania collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts donated by Clounagh pupils. This is the sixth year the school has collected for this organisation. The shoeboxes will be taken to an orphanage in Romania for Christmas.

19 Sept 2018 A warm welcome to the new Year 8 pupils

20 June 2018 Highlights from Prize Evening

Snippets from the pupil performances at this year's Prize Evening, including the school choir, orchestra, piano playing, and solo singing.

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20 June 2018 New athletics records

Congratulations to this year's record breakers. Full details in the Athletics tab (see top).

20 June 2018 Cancer Fund for Children & REACH

Clounagh pupils raised £1984.03 for the Cancer Fund for Children and £1101.61 for REACH.

14 June 2018 60th anniversary concert

Enjoy a selection of photos and video highlights from this year's school concert, celebrating Clounagh's 60th anniversary.

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8 June 2018 Sports Day

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8 June 2018 Young Enterprise competition

Recognising the ever-increasing need for our pupils to be upskilled and prepared for their futures in the digital world of work in all sectors of employment, Mrs. McConnell entered Clounagh’s Year 10 pupils into a competition. The Digital Event took place late May and was organised by Young Enterprise NI and funded by Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council. Pupils were to think creatively and propose a technological solution to an everyday problem. A group of boys worked innovatively and came up with the idea of a "Helping Hand" for house-bound elderly. This idea was applauded by local digital employers and the boys were invited to attend a Google Garage Event. The group met with digital experts from Google, leading technology employers, and the new Lord Mayor of ABC Council to discuss such matters as: the need for Digital Marketing Plans and how to measure their success, the importance of a business’s Digital Voice and Platform Analysis. The winning group were congratulated on the manner in which they presented their idea coherently and maturely.

20 Apr 2018 A movie introducing Clounagh

For the benefit of parents facing the dilemma of where to send their primary 7 children next year, media student (and former pupil) Jamie-Lee Sterritt undertook a project to document school life at Clounagh on video. We hope you enjoy it.

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26 Mar 2018 Clounagh Film Club presents Exam Stress

Enjoy the new movie production by the school filmmaking club. In this year's film, a group of pupils try to give themselves an advantage in their forthcoming exams by breaking into school after hours, to get a sneak peek at the papers. They didn't expect to end up running for their lives.

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28 Feb 2018 REACH workshop

REACH sessions for all Year 9 pupils today. The workshop activities are to encourage our young people to think about their values and how these influence their goals and aims in life.

8 Feb 2018 Highlights from Oliver!

Enjoy a selection of photos and video highlights from this year's school musical, Oliver!

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23 Jan 2018 Get your tickets for Oliver!

Tickets for Clounagh's upcoming musical on sale in the school office.

23 Jan 2018 P6/7 Open Evening

Enjoy a selection of photos taken on our recent open evening for primary 6 & 7 pupils and their parents.

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22 Jan 2018 SRC Skill Build Competition

Pupils from Senior Class took part in SRC Skill Build Competition (Horticulture). Our pupils secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! Brilliant – well done to all involved!

18 Dec 2017 Dressing for Christmas

Clounagh pupils and staff donned their Christmas jumpers and hats to raise money for charity while the end of term festivities are enjoyed.

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18 Dec 2017 Christmas tug of war contest

Well done to IB, the winning team in this year's tug of war contest.

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15 Dec 2017 Christmas carol service highlights

Enjoy a selection of performances by talented Clounagh pupils, in music, singing and drama.

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27 Nov 2017 Van de Graaff generator

Pupils in the Science department experimenting with static electricity using the Van de Graaff generator. Enjoy a gallery of the best images captured.

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27 Nov 2017 Portadown Educates Together: Shannagh-More residential

Photos from the PET project residential in Shannagh-More. 20 young people from Clounagh joined St. John the Baptist College for two days and nights to help us all learn to work together to build a stronger community. The young people engaged brilliantly with each other and the staff at Shannagh-More were very complimentary about the manners and behaviour of our young people. The outdoor pursuits were challenging, but brilliant fun and we had evening workshops and activities based around the aims of the project. Respect for others was a strong theme throughout the experience.

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22 Nov 2017 TBUC mural project

On Saturday 18th November, pupils from Clounagh Junior High joined up with pupils from St. John the Baptist’s College to work together on the TBUC project (Together Building a United Community). Pupils from both schools worked together to come up with the design for a mural and, with guidance from experienced graffiti artists, great progress was made.

22 Nov 2017 Living history

On Thursday 2nd November, History reenactors from the ABC Council visited our Year 8 pupils. The reenactors were dressed in full Norman costume and brought with them authentic weapons and artefacts. Many of our pupils had an opportunity to dress up in armour, handle the weapons, and even build a shield wall before taking part in a trial to decide the rightful heir to the English throne. This was an enjoyable experience for all involved.

22 Nov 2017 This year's prefects

Congratulations to the pupils chosen as head boy, head girl, deputy head boy, deputy head girl, and prefects, for the current academic year.

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20 Nov 2017 Growing fruit and vegetables

Gemma Richardson, representative from ABC council came into school recently to talk to pupils about environmental issues. Pupils were given advice on how to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

20 Nov 2017 Storm Ophelia

Mr. David Blevins spoke to pupils about Storm Ophelia today. Mr. Blevins reported live from Salthilll, Galway for Sky News during the storm. Video footage of the storm was shown and pupils had the opportunity to ask questions on the storm and also on a career in journalism.

10 Nov 2017 Remembrance Day

Clounagh held a special assembly for all staff and pupils, for Remembrance Day. Guest speaker, Padre Charles McCartney, recounted his personal experiences on the frontlines of the 1990s Gulf War.

8 Nov 2017 Portadown Educates Together: Shannagh-More residental

A group from Clounagh heading to a residential at Shannagh-More from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th November to take part in Portadown Educates Together (PET). They will be joined by staff and pupils from St. John Baptist High School, taking part in outdoor activities as well as exploring heritage, culture and identity amongst many other topics.

2 Nov 2017 Pupil exam timetable
Click here to view the Year 8 and Year 9 examination timetable for this term.

2 Nov 2017 Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Appeal

BR and FB participating in the Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box Appeal. Well done and great effort!

25 Oct 2017 Three spooky movie trailers
If you're looking for something to put you in the Halloween mood, check out this collection of movie trailers, showing some of the spookier movies made by the school's Film Club: Psychosis, Sleepless and Intruders (click each title to watch the full movie).

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25 Oct 2017 Bun sale and raffle

Pupils held a bun sale, and Rachel Forsythe held a raffle, to raise money for Headway East Kent Brain Injury Support.

25 Oct 2017 Clounagh staff member writes programming book

In 2016 the BBC released a miniature computer called the micro:bit. A million of these were distributed free to UK schools in a nationwide initative to rekindle interest in computer programming among the next generation. Clounagh's ICT technician Mr. Sloan decided to write a book for micro:bit users entitled Micro Games, featuring 12 game-making projects. The book is used extensively in the school's computer club (top photo). Unexpectedly, thanks to the ebook format removing the burden of printing and shipping costs, copies have been sold beyond the UK, to countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, USA, and Australia.

13 Oct 2017 School council

The above pupils are the school council representatives for this term. From top to bottom: main school council, Year 8, Year 9, and Year 10 representatives.

3 Oct 2017 Face of Northern Ireland

On 31 July Clounagh pupil Rachel Forsythe won the Face of Northern Ireland contest. Rachel said, "This is a pageant which is for girls to make friends, have fun, and gain confidence, but mostly to raise money for charity. As part of my prize, I received a trip to Disney to compete in the Face of the World."

3 Oct 2017 Friendly Faces for 2017/18

Friendly Faces is a mentoring system whereby Year 10 pupils help to: (1) support year 8 pupils and help them settle into Clounagh; (2) assist with their integration and enable them to quickly feel part of the school community and enjoy school life; (3) assist the form teacher during registration period one morning a week.

27 Sept 2017 Jeans for Genes

On Friday 22nd September, all Clounagh students and staff wore jeans on "Jeans for Genes Day" to raise money for genetic research. A fantastic sum of £645.85 was raised. Many thanks to everyone for their participation in this very worthy cause.

26 Sept 2017 Young Enterprise workshop

In Clounagh we recognise the need for pupils to have access to high quality opportunities that create aspirational careers guidance and develop employability skills. Today was an example of such an opportunity when we had Young Enterprise NI attend the school to help develop employability skills. The trainer, Mrs Mary McDermott, delivered an interactive and inspirational enterprise programme to our Year 9 pupils.

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