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10 Jan 2017 P6/P7 Open Evening

09 Jan 2017 Prospectus
A newly updated school prospectus is now available. It can be downloaded in PDF format using the link on the right.

19 Dec 2016 Clounagh Film Club presents Zero Hour

A bullied boy finds a mysterious piece of technology at the bottom of a bin, giving him power over time - and those who assaulted him. Enjoy this year's production by the school filmmaking club. Check out Clounagh TV for more school videos.

16 Dec 2016 Raising money for Save the Children

Clounagh pupils and staff donned their Christmas jumpers and hats to raise £600 for the Save the Children charity as the end of term festivities are enjoyed.

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16 Dec 2016 Christmas tug of war contest

Well done to the winning team in this year's tug of war contest.

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14 Dec 2016 Christmas carol service highlights

Enjoy a selection of performances by talented Clounagh pupils, in music, singing and drama.

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13 Dec 2016 Charlene's Project

A random text from the friend of a member of staff asking for donations for school equipment has resulted in forty boxes heading to Uganda to help equip a school which has nothing. Once again, the generosity of Clounagh’s pupils, staff and support staff has been overwhelming.

Mr. Hill, the new Principal, invited Mrs. Janice Barr to school assembly to explain the reason for the donations. Janice explained how the charity Charlene’s Project had been started by her daughter Charlene when she had been unable to attend school due to severe complications with her cystic fibrosis. Charlene realised how priviledged she had been to receive a free education and wanted to use her time to help provide education for children in Uganda where she had visited in 2008.

This was Charlene’s project for the remainder of her short life. Just as the first school was to be built, Charlene died. Her family has continued the project she started and with the help of others Charlene's dream continues. The equipment, games and books donated by Clounagh are going to equip a secondary school called Destiny.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Charlene’s Project is also holding a Festive Fry on Saturday 17 December in St. Saviour's, Dollingstown, from 7.30am to 12 noon. All are very welcome.

Top photo: Class ER with form teacher Mrs. Corrigan and caretaker Mr. Matchett with some of the boxes they filled. Below: Mr. Hill, Principal, sorting through donations with help from some pupils.

12 Dec 2016 Clounagh v Killicomaine rugby match

The Journalism Club report on the Clounagh v Killicomaine Year 10 rugby match that took place on the 3 December.

12 Dec 2016 New e-safety advice website for parents
The NSPCC, in conjunction with O2, have recently released a new website as part of their commitment to help parents know how to keep their children safe online. The guide looks at the social networks, apps and games with an interactive element that children use most frequently.

The purpose of the net-aware website is to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child's online world and help them to stay safe online.

On the net-aware site you can explore what other parents and children are saying about the various social media and gaming sites. You can form your own views about the appropriateness of popular sites and have the confidence to have a balanced and informed conversation about what your child is doing online.

Please visit:

30 Nov 2016 Portadown Educates Together: Shannagh-More residential

Eighteen Year 8 pupils and two Year 10 mentors headed off with Mrs. Gray and Mr. Johnston to Shannagh-More Outdoor Education Centre last week with twenty young people from St. John the Baptist College, Portadown. The weather was cold, but the welcome from everyone was warm. We had a great time challenging ourselves with new activities and making new friends in the process. The photo gallery below shows a selection of the tasks we were involved in.

There was a lot of laughter, plenty of chatter, encouraging instructors, an abundance of delicious food, comfortable bedrooms, but perhaps not as much sleep as we all needed! The teachers involved in the programme are delighted to hear that many of the young people from both schools have intentions to meet up with their new friends outside workshop time.

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29 Nov 2016 Exam tips

Clounagh pupils created this humourous sketch on how to handle school examinations.

28 Nov 2016 Anti-Bullying Week – Together We Are Stronger

Anti-Bullying Week is coordinated by the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum and took place last week from the 14th-18th November. All Clounagh pupils were encouraged to get involved by entering the poster competition run by the Art & Design Department. The focus of the poster was the NIABF campaign on the theme of "Together We Are Stronger." Well done to all the pupils who submitted an entry and were awarded an achievement point.

Congratulations to our 8 runner ups and winners who were selected from years 8, 9, 10 and the Learning Support Centre. Their prizes were awarded by our principal, Mr Hill. Their winning submissions were shared with the whole school in assembly this week and will be digitally reproduced and put up around the school as a constant reminder that together we are stronger and can stand up against bullying.

23 Nov 2016 "Bin It" roadshow

Classes SC and JC took part in the "Bin it" road show on 22 November. The show involved pupil participation wih two professional actors; this was an excellent way to teach us about recycling. We were delighted that three of our local councillors came into school to watch the show with us: Councillor Hatch, Councillor Jones and Councillor Buckley.

21 Nov 2016 Clounagh pupils enjoy Tasty Careers talks

Geoff Lamb from Food and Drink Sector Skills recently delivered a series of presentations to Year 10 pupils of Clounagh JHS as part of the Tasty Careers programme. This programme is designed to enhance awareness of the large range of excellent careers available in the local Agri-food sector. Craigavon has many well known major local food employers including Moy Park, Irwin’s Bakery, Evron, etc. Pictured are JB2, a Year 10 class. Home Economics teacher Miss Black said she received positive feedback from pupils who agreed that the presentations were both interesting and informative.

18 Nov 2016 First video from Clounagh's new Journalism Club

Clounagh's newly formed Year 10 Journalism Club presents its first video, reporting on a recent event. The school's "Focus" (Scripture Union) group organised a week of special activities, led by Crown Jesus Ministries. One of the guests was Colin Ross, mountain bike champion, who spoke about his Christian faith.

17 Nov 2016 The Rotary Club campaign to end Polio

The Rotary Club planted crocus bulbs at Clounagh Junior High School as part of its End Polio campaign. Pictured are Mr. R. Hill (Clounagh principal), Mr. L. Irwin (Clounagh VP), Mr T. Canning (former Clounagh principal), Mr. E. Lawson (President of Rotary Club, Portadown), Mrs. B. McClurg (Rotary Club), Mr. A. Hatch (Chairman of Board of Governors), Mrs. O. Hatch, Mr. M. McElroy (Rotary Club), Mrs. D. Bell (classroom assisant) with pupils from Clounagh's Learning Support Centre.

08 Nov 2016 Van de Graaff generator

Pupils in the Science department experimenting with static electricity using the Van de Graaff generator. Enjoy a gallery of the best images captured.

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08 Nov 2016 School council

The above pupils are the school council representatives for this term: Year 8 (top photo), Year 9 (middle), and Year 10 (bottom).

03 Nov 2016 Colin Ross & Crown Jesus Ministries

Staff and pupils from Focus (Scripture Union), in partnership with Crown Jesus Ministries and Portadown Elim, organised a variety of activities for pupils during a special week of events. Guests included Colin Ross, an Irish mountain bike champion, and Harry Bruce, a local beatboxer. Guests demonstrated their skills and shared their story with pupils. The week concluded with a Friday evening event in school.

12 Oct 2016 Shoeboxes for Project Romania

Robert Vennard (right) from the charity Project Romania, collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts donated by Clounagh pupils. This is the fourth year the school has collected for this organisation. The shoeboxes will be taken to an orphanage in Romania for Christmas.

11 Oct 2016 Group workshop by the Reach local charity

We were delighted to welcome a team from “Reach” to Clounagh. Reach is a local charity organisation that specialises in mentoring young people through challenging experiences. All of our Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to participate in group workshops and discussion tasks with the theme of “Changes”. A great time was had by all and there were some brilliant responses to challenging scenarios. Well done Year 8! Sincere thanks to the Reach team for all the hard work.

6 Oct 2016 Friendly Faces for 2016/17

Friendly Faces is a mentoring system whereby Year 10 pupils help to: (1) support year 8 pupils and help them settle into Clounagh; (2) assist with their integration and enable them to quickly feel part of the school community and enjoy school life; (3) assist the form teacher during registration period one morning a week.

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29 Sept 2016 PET: Portadown Educates Together

We are delighted that eighteen Year 8 and two Year 10 students from Clounagh and St. John the Baptist College have the opportunity to participate in “Together: Building a United Community – Portadown Educates Together.” The young people have been involved in shared workshops and activities outside of school time at Clounagh and St. John the Baptist College and are to be commended on their participation and positive approach to developing relationships.

The range of activities has been vast and has challenged all young people to self-reflect. Some of the things we have been involved in are: icebreaker games, creating ground rules and forming a contract, assumptions speed dating (without the dating bit!), circle time ID, breaking barriers and myths, team games, trust games, communication games, quizzes, identity thermometer, and close association circle time.

Thanks to the parents who have attended some of the sessions. Your support and engagement with the project is appreciated. We are all now looking forward to the prospect of a residential experience at Shannagh-More, Newcastle in November.

28 Sept 2016 Home Economics celebrates European Day of Languages

Pupils studied foods across the world including some weird delicacies such as bird’s nest soup, live octopus and maggot larvae bread. Pupils also tasted different foods from around the world.

26 Sept 2016 European Day of Languages

In Clounagh we have many pupils whose first language is not English. Here are some introducing themselves in their first language.

20 Sept 2016 Jetset certificates

Mr. Hill (acting Principal) presented a number of pupils with certificates achieved for success in Jetset English examinations. Many of the pupils have arrived in this country within the past three years. Also pictured are ESL Teachers Mr. Kennedy and Mrs. Moore.

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19 Sept 2016 New prefects

Congratulations to the pupils chosen as head boy, head girl, deputy head boy, deputy head girl, and prefects, for the forthcoming academic year.

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19 Sept 2016 A warm welcome to this year's Year 8 pupils

15 Sept 2016 Clounagh Computer Club

Year 10 pupils are invited to join Clounagh Computer Club, which will be held on Thursdays from 2.45pm to 4.00pm. The focus of the club will be programming the BBC micro:bit computer (see video). Please see Mr. Eakin or Mr. Sloan to sign up.

13 Sept 2016 The launch of Clounagh TV

Clounagh's Film Club has been running since 2003/04. The first movie production, School's Out!, was a mere six minutes long. Over a decade later, in 2014/15, the club reached a milestone, producing a science fiction film called Psychosis that was 51 minutes in length. Not quite a feature film, but close. Here's a teaser:
A girl runs a quick errand for a teacher. When she arrives back in class, twenty-five minutes have inexplicably gone by. What happened to her during that time and why has she no memory of it? Stranger still, she soon discovers that she’s not the only one having this experience.
The film was such an achievement by the pupils that we not only showed it to the whole school on projector, we also arranged an evening showing for the families and relatives of the club members. And now, thanks to the launch of Clounagh TV, our school's YouTube channel, we invite everyone else to watch the film. Enjoy!

Don't forget to check out the other videos on the channel (link below). Note: YouTube is not accessible by pupils within school. With your parents' permission, you will be able to access Clounagh TV at home.

9 Sept 2016 Best wishes for your retirement

Wishing a happy retirement to four members of staff who said goodbye to Clounagh this month: Mr. T. Canning (Principal), Mrs. G. Mitchell (SENCO coordinator), Mrs. P. Mawhinney (Home Economics HOD), and Mr. L. Montgomery (Science technician).

22 Aug 2016 Michael Aldred Cup

In September 1977 a young boy called Michael Aldred (bottom photo, far right) began his time in Clounagh Junior High. He showed great enthusiasm for school life – both for his school work and in his love of sport. He played all sports with real determination and no shortage of skill, but above all he displayed respect to his opponents and officials. In the summer term of 1978 he set a new school shot putt record of 9.56m which has stood until this year. He played with pride on several school teams. In 1979-80 he was elected Head Boy. In June 1980 he left Clounagh and went on to Portadown College.

Tragically he died in an accident in August 1981. His family presented a cup to the school in his memory to be awarded each year to the boy who displayed the greatest “sportsmanship and endeavour” in participation in sport. The cup was first presented in June 1982 by Michael's mother Mrs. Aldred.

This year's Prize Night was very special because Michael’s nephew received the cup, and we were delighted that his grandmother Mrs. Aldred (top left) was here to make the presentation. Michael would be proud not only of his nephew's amazing achievements (especially as a central figure in the best seasons athletics in the school’s history), but also the endeavour, sportsmanship and determination he has displayed.

22 Aug 2016 Sports Day

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22 Aug 2016 Prize Night

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22 Aug 2016 Year 8 talent show

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29 June 2016 Raising money for NI Cancer Fund for Children

Pictured are the pupils with the top sponsorship in Year 9 for the recent Read On event. The total raised by Year 9 was £1,820 and the money goes to the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children.

23 June 2016 Raising money for Chest, Heart & Stroke

Healthy break-time sale by ER and EB raised £90 for Chest, Heart & Stroke NI.

22 June 2016 STEM science lab

Year 10 pupils were invtied to take part in a mobile science workshop organised by the Royal Navy's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) team. Pupils experimented with real forensic science, with the goal of narrowing down a list of suspects in a mock murder investigation.

22 June 2016 Against animal cruelty

For the last ten weeks, Clounagh pupils have taken part in a project facilitated by Portadown YMCA aimed at tackling the issue of animal cruelty. Class 8C took on the issue following a number of recent media stories around the subject. The class were so passionate about the problem that they decided to take it to their peers in their Year 8 assembly. The class also had a professional flyer produced as part of the project, in the hope it would help them spread the word. A spokesperson for the class said, "We are sick of seeing stories about people being cruel to animals and we want to try to stop it. Animals need to be cared for and we really want to raise awareness, so that cruelty to animals can be stopped for good. Enough is enough."

Darryn Causby (YMCA), who has been working with the class, said "These young people are very passionate about this issue and have worked very hard to develop a poster resource to provide information around the welfare of animals. The school and the young people should be very proud of their campaign and achievements."

14 June 2016 2015/16, an amazing year for athletics records

13 June 2016 Prize Night change of date
Clounagh's annual Prize Night has been changed to WEDNESDAY 22 JUNE 2016. (Please ignore the information on the calendar link).

13 June 2016 Upcoming charity concert CANCELLED
Due to family illness, the school concert scheduled for Wednesday 15 June 2016 is CANCELLED.

13 June 2016 Irish Schools Athletics Finals

On Saturday 4th June four Junior boy athletes from Clounagh JHS made their way to Tullamore, Co. Offaly to create history in the Irish Schools Athletics finals. They managed to eclipse the achievement of becoming the Ulster Schools Champions for the first time ever just two weeks previously at the Antrim Forum. Both the travelling staff Mr. Carson and Mr. Graham, and the boys, could not have predicted the amazing level of performance they produced on the biggest schools athletics stage in Ireland.

Two golds, two 4ths, and a 6th place provided 4 new school records and an impressive tally of 31 points. This proved to be more than any other of the 78 schools in this age category could manage and made the local Clounagh boys Irish Junior Champions – not only a first for the school but a first for any school in Portadown! (St Michaels Dublin, Presentation Bray, Thurles CBS were well beaten second placed schools all on 20 points.) A truly momentous and amazing achievement for these four young athletes and great reward for their hard work and undoubted talents.

31 May 2016 District Athletics & Ulster Schools Championships

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Athletes from Clounagh Junior High School are having one of their best years ever in the track and field championships. Twenty five young boys and girls qualified from the District Championships in 20 events. The Minor and Junior boys were the top performing schools in their age group from the 26 schools across Co. Armagh and Co. Monaghan. On Saturday 21st May the Ulster Schools Championship produced the greatest ever haul of medals and points in the school’s history at this event

A further four new school records were achieved.

The Junior Boys cup has been brought home to the Brownstown Road school for the first time in its history. Amazingly this group of young stars won the Minor (Year 9) cup at the Ulster event last year – again a Clounagh first.

To cap off the day the Year 9 relay team broke the school record in a 5th placed run in the final.

23 May 2016 Northern Ireland Cup Final

The Clounagh Year 10 Football team lost their Northern Ireland Cup Final against the Boys’ Model 6-5 at the Ballymena Showgrounds 3G after extra-time. Credit must go the boys for their endeavour and commitment in a match that was badly affected due to the strong wind.

9 May 2016 Geography field trip to Lough Neagh

10 Mar 2016 Puppetshow by BW

During History class, BW pupils produced their own puppetshow, dramatising the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

03 Mar 2016 District Cross Country

Clounagh pupil receives two gold medals in the District Cross Country Junior Boys event - for first place within his team, and for his team coming first.

03 Mar 2016 Year 10 football team reach NI Cup final

The Clounagh Year 10 football team have reached the final of the Northern Ireland Cup through defeating Laurelhill 2-0. The team will face Boys' Model in the showcase match on the 27th April at Ballymena Showgrounds.

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03 Mar 2016 Ski trip to Folgaria

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03 Mar 2016 Trip to W5 Interactive Discovery Centre

EB pupils enjoyed a day at W5 (short for "whowhatwherewhenwhy"), Northern Ireland's award-winning science and discovery centre at Odyssey in Belfast. There were over 250 interactive exhibits to explore. Pupils also took part in a workshop where they learned about extreme weather conditions and the science of predicting them.

03 Mar 2016 Bee-keeping

A Clounagh pupil gave an extensive presentation on bee-keeping to Year 8 pupils, and then invited questions from the audience. This is a genuine passion for him, as his family keeps bees, for the purpose of selling honey.

03 Mar 2016 Children's Heartbeat Trust

Year 8 pupils held a sponsored silence, raising £2,727.10 for the Children's Heartbeat Trust.

26 Feb 2016 STEM Table Quiz NI Finals

The Clounagh team who qualified for the STEM Table Quiz NI Finals were 3 points off qualifying for the Semi-Final last night, at Titanic Belfast. The team was in 2nd place after 3 rounds but narrowly missed out on getting into the top four after 6 rounds. The competition was won by Brownlow Integrated College after beating Lumen Cristi in the final. Barra Best was the celebrity Quizmaster (he forecast ‘high pressure’ for last night’s event!!)

84 teams entered and we competed against top Grammar Schools (including BRA and Ballyclare High amonst many others). The team performed admirably to qualify for the last 8 teams and they behaved superbly. Mr. Carville has suggested that a similar event could be held within school as a House competition event – watch this space.

26 Feb 2016 Joseph then and now

The final Friday evening performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat proved to be a night of nostalgia when former Clounagh pupil Mrs. Lisa Duke (Nee Cassidy) watched a present pupil play the leading role of Joseph, the same part Lisa had played in Clounagh’s previous production of the show 25 years ago. The evening brought many memories flooding back as Lisa enjoyed the cast of 2016 presenting their version of the Lloyd Webber/Rice show.

16 Feb 2016 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

A few weeks ago if you had walked into Clounagh Junior High School you might have mistaken it for a theatre, as the school assembly hall became the venue for its most recent production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The all-singing, all-dancing version of the Old Testament Bible story was enthusiastically performed by over sixty talented Clounagh pupils under the expert musical direction of Mr. Colin Slaine and choreographer Mrs. Sharon Moore. Over two thousand people came through the doors during a week, which involved seven performances for local primary school pupils and adults alike. So as the curtain closed at the end of the final performance and Joseph took off that multi-coloured coat and replaced it with the blue and gold school uniform, the theatre was packed away ... until the next production in 2018!

[ View Photo Gallery ] [ View Supersize Photo: Cast ] [ View Supersize Photo: Chorus ]

16 Feb 2016 Literacy Leaders

Literacy Leaders are responsible for selecting termly literacy targets. In teams they prepare resources, presentations, competitions and information to help raise the literacy standards of the whole school population. Keep your eyes peeled for their next competition!

16 Feb 2016 Raising money for underprivileged children

Class EB organised a bun sale to raise money for underprivileged children in Brazil.

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